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Customer Testimonials for EarthPatch - Eco-Friendly Cold Mix Asphalt


“As a major utility committed to environmental excellence, we always strive to minimize potential impacts, conserve natural resources and reduce the overall amount of waste that we generate… so GreenPatch® is great because its ingredients are safer and the product is made from recycled material -- right down to the bag that it comes in.”

- Andrew Fiore
Gas Operations Environment
Health & Safety Specialist

“We found that most products that promote a green initiative are ‘green’ only in the manufacturing stage or have recycled packaging… this is a rare occasion where the product itself is really what’s making the difference (and) a direct impact on the environment by preventing the many damaging effects that the conventional cold patch has had to our water supply, our soil and our air. GreenPatch® really has tremendous potential to make a significant difference.”

- UPSCO International

"(The use of GreenPatch®) is an opportunity for our DPW to do more than just talk green, it's a chance to do something concrete, in this case eliminating harmful toxins. It is a dramatic step toward preserving marine life and making the air safer for our children and all residents, it is also a better and longer-lasting patch."

- Public Works Commisioner
Mount Vernon, New York


APWA American Public Works Association http://www.apwa.net/