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Environmentally Friendly Cold Mix Asphalt - EarthPatch Product Information

PLM EarthPatch™ contains NONE of the petroleum-based solvents found in traditional cold asphalt mix such as:
  • BENZENE: A colorless chemical known to be a high toxic carcinogen.

  • KEROSENE: Commonly used as a jet fuel.

  • DIESEL: A major component of air pollution.
  • TOLUENE: An easily metabolized, toxic hydrocarbon once used as race car fuel.

  • NAPHTHALENE: A carcinogen used in mothballs.

These solvents are carcinogenic, posing serious threats to the environment and to human health. One of the major concerns regarding these products is their Volatile Organic Compound ( VOC ) content. VOCs contribute to respiratory aliments in workers, to the formation of smog and to the contamination of soil and groundwater.

PLM EarthPatch™ has zero VOC's at 500-640 Fº. The biodegradable solvents used in PLM EarthPatch™ are derived from renewable, sustainable sources. They pose virtually no risk to wild life, marine life, domestic animals, human health or the environment as a whole. The use of these solvents also reduces our dependence on petroleum.

We are able to use 70% less fossil fuel during production because PLM EarthPatch™ is manufactured at a lower temperature. We use 100% recyclable packaging for our 50 lb. bags. All these factors contribute to a significant reduction in our company's carbon footprint.

There is NO sacrifice in quality when using PLM EarthPatch™. It is a high performance repair product that is offered at a competitive price. PLM EarthPatch™ is available in 50 lb recyclable bags, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and bulk.

PLM EarthPatch™ is the first product to be endorsed by the National Green Energy Council.

PLM EarthPatch™ is being used by cities, towns / villages, universities, utility companies, farms and marinas across the country. We can all do our part to reduce the harmful effects we impose on the environment. This is one instance in which a cost effective, high quality, eco-friendly product is available to replace a hazardous one. There is no reason not to switch to PLM EarthPatch™.

Environment Compatibility Factor of PLM EarthPatch™
  • RECYCLABILITY OF MATERIAL: Can be recycled easily, just like normal Hot Mix Asphalt.

  • REDUCTION OF PETROLEUM: A 100% decrease of petroleum derivative cutbacks over conventional Cold Mix Asphalt.
  • EMPLOYEE SAFETY: Proper handling of PLM EarthPatch™ is not hazardous to human health.

  • ADDITIVES: The substitute additives for toluene and naphthalene are biodegradable, non-ozone depleting and are from renewable sources. The final product is considered an Environmentally Preferable Purchase.